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  • Bulle de Rose, both playful and chic, sophisticated and fiery, exudes the youthful grace and subtle elegance of a sophisticated woman.

    In the privacy of her dressing-room, a spray of Bulle de Rose, like a joyful burst of life, is the last step: the final touch before starting her day. It is this morning, timeless, small ritual, this moment encapsulating sweetness, that inspires a sensation of dazzling cleanliness and personal refinement.

    When Bulle de Rose hits the air, sprinkling our body with a thousand scented droplets, we first smell the fruit bursting in the top note: we recognize blackcurrant, with its sparkling liveliness, held by a dazzling Bergamot essence.

    Then comes the caressing purity of a soap note, inspired by the mythical Camay soap, opening up and curling itself into Turkish rose absolute powder. Green tomato’s discreet presence infuses an element of a very slight green note to the heart of this fragrance.

    In its wake, the base note finally reveals its full depth. Thanks to full-bodied patchouli, sandalwood’s delicate woodiness and cypriol essence’s light, spicy notes, Bulle de Rose reveals its extravagant breadth with exceptional tenue.