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  • The rose is the DNA of the brand LES PARFUMS DE ROSINE from the beginning of the company in 1991 with the creation of LA ROSE DE ROSINE, a sublime powdery rose which remains one the best sellers of the brand.

    Today LES PARFUMS DE ROSINE, after exploring other olfactory territories with the BALLERINA COLLECTION and LES EXTRAVAGANTS, as well as with LESNOB, wants to assert this original positioning.

    Depending on the process of extraction which is applied, the rose is the only flower which offers two wonderful ingredient used in fine perfumery: the rose absolute and the rose essence.

    Then, two fragrances are proposed in this short collection: a rose absolute interpretation, ROSE ABSOLUMENT and a rose essence interpretation, ROSE PAR ESSENCE.

    These are real perfumes which are enhancing the major characteristics of each of the exceptional quality of the natural rose absolute and rose essence.

    The soft deep and sensuous notes of ROSE ABSOLUMENT are the exact opposite of the green metallic and fusing notes of ROSE PAR ESSENCE.

    A kind of an yin and yang: opposite and complementary.


    Extremely rich in natural ingredients, these two perfumes have been elaborated by Serge de Oliveira from ROBERTET with the aim of magnifying and interpreting the scent of a pure rose essence (obtained by distillation) and a pure rose absolute (obtained by maceration).

    More complex than simple perfumery ingredients, these two perfumes can be used of course by their own, one delicate fresh with ROSE PAR ESSENCE and one deep and honey with ROSE ABSOLUMENT: elegant, classic, beautiful.

    But they have been also elaborated in order to be used layered with all the other creations from LES PARFUMS DE ROSINE.

    ROSE PAR ESSENCE is luminous and fusing and is the perfect complement for a more daily use.

    ROSE ABSOLUMENT is a fantastic sensuous base note and will accompany our perfumes giving them a more night character.

    In any case, it magnifies the sophistication of LES PARFUMS DE ROSINE fragrances.

    And of course, ROSE PAR ESSENCE and ROSE ABSOLUMENT can be mixed for an incredible, rich and seductive rose perfume.