Les parfums de Rosine
fragrance de rose
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Les Parfums de Rosine
Parfumeur à Paris
eau de parfum toutes nos eaux de parfums
The perfumes from Rosine are available in Eau de Parfum, concentration between Perfume and Eau de toilette, for a high lingering on the skin.
All based on natural essences, and which are immediately understandable and readable, every component of our perfumes can be recognized all along the evolution of the perfume
The style, the signature of Les Parfums de Rosine is bringing by an essence of roses, which is the secret of their composition.
Les Parfums de Rosine is also very careful about the presentation. All the bottles are nicely wrapped in coloured tissue paper before being place in the folding boxes and the bottle wear a silky tassel. Every product is scrupulously packed by experimented workers.
Our Eau de Parfum offer a lot of facets and can be classify in two families.
Roses green, fresh, marine and hesperidic with: Roseberry, Rose d’Eté, Un Zest de Rose, Ecume de Rose and Rosa Flamenca.
Roses powdery, spicy, woody, aldehidic with: La Rose de Rosine, Poussière de Rose, Une Folie de Rose, Rose de Feu and Rose d’Amour.
For men, a woody and oriental note with Rose d’Homme, and a woody and green note with Twill Rose.
savons parfumés toutes nos crèmes parfumées
What an extreme refinement to match one’s soap to one’s perfume.
Les Parfums de Rosine gives the answer to these sophisticated women.
Presented by 3 in a box or individually, this round and flat 100 gr soap is embossed on the one side with the Rose de Rosine rose design, and on the other side with the R, Les Parfums de Rosine signature.
All the Rosine soaps are elaborated from a very high quality natural plant paste, and thanks to a strong concentration in perfume, they develop a creamy and soft foam which leaves the skin delicately perfumed.
bougies parfumées toutes nos bougies parfumées
Les Parfums de Rosine perfumed candles are elaborated by a perfume house.
Each perfume is specially studied to be adapted to the candle manufacturing. They are made of soft was which burns away at low temperature in order to respect fragrance itself.
Our candles are moulded in fine gold decorated glasses and are equipped of a golden lid for the 200 gr model. They are presented in beautiful folding boxes grained with ivory and gold.
A 200 gr candle burns away in 60 hours and a 35 gr candle in 10 hours.
crèmes parfumées toutes nos crèmes parfumées
A new perfumed behaviour to extend the emotion of your favourite perfume:
Our perfumed body creams come in a round 200 ml jar made of transparent frosted glass. And they are protected by an elegant white screw-cap decorated with the famous rose of Les Parfums de Rosine in gold.
They are presented in a beautiful rigid box topped by the same rose and decorated with the famous pattern especially for Les Parfums de Rosine. A coloured sticker indicates the name of the perfume.
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