Les Parfums de Rosine is, today, a renowned brand, recognized as being anchored in the history of French perfumery. Honoring brand origins, and in response to demand from a new, younger clientele of both ladies and gentlemen, Les Parfums de Rosine has created a new range: LES EXTRAVAGANTS.

Creating the range of four “extravagant” perfumes is the culmination of simple, yet daring, initiative and will: rely on the olfactory characteristics of the natural scent of roses and push them to the extreme to offer an unbounded, honest and comprehensive olfactory experience.

- BOIS FUCHSIA fragrance elucidates the crushed raspberry fruity explosion of the French rose “Rosa Gallica”, the famous rose used for preserves! Michel Almairac, the iconic 21st Century perfumer, created this wonderful woody, yet fruity, perfume especially for Les Parfums de Rosine.

- BLEU ABYSSE is a perfume of contrasting sensations: a deep, yet dry, marine-blue note. Inspired by the French rose, “Rosa Moschata”, BLEU ABYSSE is a fresh fusion fragrance. In creating BLEU ABYSSE, the young perfumer, Serge de Oliveira, sought to capture waves of euphoria that sweep over us when we are near the sea.

- VANILLE PARADOXE exudes an aromatic note expressing “Bourbon Roses”, roses used to hedge vanilla fields on Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean. Created by Delphine Lebeau, the fragrance arrives suddenly, expressing abundant freshness while protecting the vanilla pod’s feral aspect.

- ELOGE DU VERT's note is very . . . green! A note expressing a striking floral facet of the “Rosa Muscosa”. Indeed, green fragrance emerges from this moss rose when its petals and sepals are crushed between our fingers. Delphine Lebeau envisaged reawakening this feeling by creating an unusual, but explicit, note: green pepper.